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Family law mediation allows parties to negotiate and identify common ground in order to resolve issues associated with divorce, child custody, or post-divorce modifications. Mediation is overseen and facilitated by a third party, typically someone trained in family law mediation, who is responsible for keeping the parties involved on the key issues at hand. As such, mediators do not offer legal advice. Instead, each party is represented by his or her attorney with whom they can confer during the mediation process. At the Law Offices of Donald P. Bebereia, we counsel and represent clients interested in divorce and family law mediation. While the parties involved in mediation are ultimately in control of their own family law or divorce settlement, it's essential to work with an attorney who can help you protect your financial and legal interests and avoid a divorce settlement you'll regret for the rest of your life.

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Why Mediation Is Preferable to Litigation

When spouses or ex-spouses are on good terms and willing to talk, mediation offers several advantages that recommend it over heading to court and entering into litigation. In general, the following advantages are often associated with divorce mediation:

  • Is usually less expensive
  • Can often be faster than litigation
  • Couples can negotiate in regard to the division of marital property
  • Allows you to determine how marital debt will be handled
  • Allows couples greater flexibility in determining child custody and parenting time arrangements
  • Focuses couples on the essentials of their divorce without allowing emotions to enter the equation
  • Mediation provides you with the means to determine the terms of your divorce settlement

Mediation Allows You To Control the Terms of Your Divorce

Perhaps the biggest advantage associated with mediation is that it puts couples in charge of their own fate: rather than have a judge impose terms neither side finds completely satisfactory, mediation allows you to determine the terms of your divorce. In regard to marital property, couples can reach terms which are customized according to their interests. For example, you can exempt your retirement funds from division in exchange for giving your spouse the marital home. Or, one spouse can agree to pay off car loans in exchange for taking what is in your joint savings account -- whatever works best for you.

In regard to child custody and parental time, mediation allows couples to negotiate around holidays, time spent between each household during the week, and how summer vacation will be divided. If there are disagreements, the mediator will discuss the available options and work toward finding common ground and mutually agreeable terms for everyone involved.

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There are several advantages associated with divorce mediation for couples willing to negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement. To learn more about divorce mediation, contact Irvine, California family law attorney Donald P. Bebereia today to schedule an appointment and to discuss your case.