Restraining Orders in Irvine, CA

Restraining Orders in Irvine, CA

Protection from Domestic Abuse Lawyer

If you believe someone poses a threat to you or your family, you can fill out an affidavit to that effect at your local courthouse. Afterward a temporary restraining order (in effect for 10 days) will be issued and a hearing scheduled to determine if the restraining order should be extended. During this time, the restrained person named is required to avoid all contact with you. When your hearing takes place, you can present evidence that supports the extension of the restraining order. As your attorney, Donald P. Bebereia can help you prepare for your hearing, interview witnesses, and present evidence in support of your case.

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Once a restraining order is issued, the restrained person must comply with the following:

  • Avoid all physical contact with you
  • Avoid contacting you by phone, e-mail, or in writing
  • If you share an apartment or house with the restrained person, he must vacate the premises
  • Turn in any firearms he owns
  • Continue paying child support or spousal support if you are divorced
  • Any parenting time or visitation the restrained person has with your children could be terminated or limited by the court

Violation of a Restraining Order

If a restrained person is reported to be in violation of a restraining order, the police can immediately pick him up and arrest him - even if he is not in proximity to you at the time. If convicted for violating a restraining order, a restrained person faces a fine, a permanent criminal record, and jail. In this regard, while a restraining order may not be foolproof, it does involve law enforcement to make it easier to prosecute the person who poses a threat to you early on in your case.

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