Stepparent Adoptions in Irvine, CA

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At the Law Office of Donald P. Bebereia, we take great joy in helping families form a stronger bond through the legal process of adoption. Located in Irvine, California, we are pleased to represent clients throughout Orange County.

Our firm handles stepparent adoptions in which a stepfather or stepmother petitions a court to legally adopt a child. We also handle independent adoptions. In an independent adoption, our firm is contacted by a client who has located a mother who wishes to give her child up for adoption. We contact the birth mother and assist with all legal forms and court filings/hearings necessary for the adoption petition to proceed forward. We also communicate with social services as necessary and required by law to move the case forward throughout the process.

If you need assistance with a stepparent adoption or independent adoption in the Orange County area, we encourage you to contact our law office in Irvine, California. We are pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your case. To reach our office, call 949-951-8822 or contact us by e-mail.

Personal Service

We are pleased to provide each client we represent with personal service and individualized attention throughout the duration of his or her case. We understand that people considering an adoption have many questions. We take pride in our ability to maintain continued contact and communication with the people we serve.

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For experienced and dedicated legal representation, contact our firm's law office in Irvine, California. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Donald P. Bebereia, call 949-951-8822. If you have questions about stepparent legal rights and other adoptions matters, feel free to contact us by e-mail.