Hear what our clients have to say about the Law Office of Donald P. Bebereia, a family law and divorce attorney in Orange County, CA.

Don Bebereia is top notch in his field. I have known him for more than ten years. His professionalism, knowledge and calm demeanor are just a few of the traits he possesses to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Joe Lins

Fullerton, CA

Great Divorce Attorney. I highly recommend Mr Bebereia as counsel for any issues relating to divorce. I am a resident of the east coast at the time of my divorce and needed to find an attorney in Orange County. Mr Bebereia's knowledge and experience, coupled with excellent communication skills, has provided me with two favorable rulings in my divorce. I could not be more pleased with his work and would not hesitate to retain him in the future.


Orange County, CA

He reasonably explains the law, your position and what you can really expect. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He was my advocate for both my position and my pocketbook .. sometimes the solution you want may not really be worth the extra court time and legal fees. He explains what you are up against, what it will cost and perhaps your odds. I decided it was not worth an extra $10,000+ to maybe (maybe not) get an extra day a month - perhaps even losing ground. Other attorneys may encourage additional litigation since it means more billable hours. When you come to your attorney with your list of desires, most of us do not know that there is law that covers most of these items. Don explains these, and helps you understand how to best proceed to get the most that the law or the court will allow. Often neither party really gets to dictate the outcome. An experienced lawyer, like Don, helps you understand what to expect.

Mark O.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Don is a great no-nonsense lawyer! He knew exactly what to say and when to do so, and what would be pushing it too far, to the point that he was making the other attorney look like a joke! He got us more than we were expecting in our case. I can't recommend him enough! Thanks Don!

Barrett M.

Tustin, CA

Thank you Donald, you are the best!!! Donald Bebereia is experienced, knowledgeable & so capable. Sadly, he has helped me twice but at least they were 20 years apart. Donald has been wise, very caring & thoughtful during two of the hardest times of my life. He always treated my questions with respect & I could reach out to him when I need him. He was available. Donald knows what he is doing and, he has the talent & ability to help me walk wisely thru this divorce maze & challenge. Thank you, Donald, you are the best !!!


Irvine, CA

Don Bebereia handled my initial case with expertise as well as compassion. And he was fast without compromising quality. He always had time for me. Several years later when I called him regarding some other issues, he consulted me and did not charge me for his time. I was not only shocked, but grateful. I feel he genuinely cares about a persons stressful situation and wants to do all he can to help. He helps you to see the situation clearly. I would highly recommend him.


Irvine, CA

Don Bebereia represented me for more than 3 years in a very difficult divorce case. During that time period, he handled the original case through trial and a couple of post judgment matters. The original case involved multiple false allegations brought by my ex wife. Mr. Bebereia expertly handled those matters and the court properly found that the allegations were baseless. I was eventually awarded a significant timeshare with both my kids (more than us men normally get). My kids are now benefiting by having a father who is actively involved in their lives. Mr. Bebereia is a Certified Family Law Specialist. He was well prepared and his presentation was well received by the Judge at every hearing. He knows the law and was able to apply the facts of my case to the law and to convince the Judge that my position was the correct one. I am thankful for Mr. Bebereia's help and understanding and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation in a family law matter.

Hank F

Irvine, CA

Thank you Don. Don guided me through my recent divorce proceedings and was very compassionate and understanding to my specific needs. I always felt he was genuinely concerned and made sure everything was in my best interests.


Santa Anna, CA

Don's law partner was the Honorable Michael J. Naughton (Ret.), formerly of the Orange County Superior Court Family Law Department. Michael sought out Don as his partner. That tells you the type of attorney you can expect if you retain Don - an attorney's attorney. Don enjoys an excellent reputation for his hard working ethic, tried and true approaches, and ability to reach across the table to seek out solutions. Anyone who has ever opposed Don will vouch for his cordiality, his good sense of humor and, most importantly, commitment to his client.

Richard Heston, Partner, Heston & Heston, Attorneys at Law

Irvine, CA

I had a good experience as well. Don was straight forward with me about my options and didn't lead me down some garden path to try and make money off my attorney fees like another attorney I used. He was fair and got me more times with children, which is what I wanted. He also didn't do a lot of unnecessary "work" to drive up my fees. I liked his approach and I was comfortable with his experience since he had been doing this for so long. I would use him in the future.


Anaheim, CA

Don is an excellent family law attorney. He treats his clients with utmost care and is very attentive to their needs. He is extremely thorough and handles all cases with professional expertise.

Steve and Pat

Irvine, CA

A great lawyer to have in your corner. I have known Don for over 13 years. His professionalism is outstanding - in the courtroom, in negotiations, and in client conferences. I know all this firsthand since Mr. Bebereia handled my divorce and set up family planning documents. He goes the extra mile in insuring that everything is handled completely and in a timely manner. I would recommend Don without any reservations whatever! It would be very hard to find a better person or attorney!


Irvine, CA

Highly recommended lawyer. Donald Bebereia has been my lawyer for my past two child custody/support cases. I plan on calling him again in the future if his services are needed. He is honest with his recommendations and is committed to attending all court hearings. He invests himself in the case situations and the people involved. He treats his clients professionally and is caring.


Costa Mesa, CA

Represents his client's interest very well !!! I would highly recommend Mr. Donald Bebereia to any individual in need of a family law attorney. Don is an experienced well prepared professional. He represented me recently in my spousal support case and negotiated both a lower spousal support payment along with a termination date for spousal support, and mine was a long term marriage initially with no end of spousal support. He is strong advocate for his client; both honest and fair. In this same case, I had two prior attorneys - I only wish I had known of Don earlier.


Newport Beach, CA

Don Bebereia handled my divorce and I recommend him unequivocally. He was professional, knowledgeable, and always returned my calls and emails in a timely manner. He knows family law inside and out and was an effective advocate for my family. Divorce is never pleasant but Mr. Bebereia handled my case, even with complex and lengthy custody and financial issues, in a way that took as much stress off me as possible and resulted in the very best outcome. I highly recommend him!

Lauren I.

Mission Viejo, CA

Excellent attorney and he followed through with everything. He helped my friend and he did everything perfect. If you work with Donald you have to follow everything he says.

Kim Y.

Arcadia, CA

I highly recommend Mr. Bebereia as counsel for any issues relating to divorce. I am a resident of the east coast at the time of my divorce and needed to find an attorney in Orange County. Mr. Bebereia's knowledge and experience, coupled with excellent communication skills, has provided me with all favorable rulings in my divorce. I could not be more pleased with his work and would not hesitate to retain him in the future.

Gregg K.

Orange County, CA

Don Bebereia has been practicing a long time and genuinely cares about handling his clients' matters in a no-nonsense, cost-effective way. He is the kind of attorney who will tell you what the law is whether it is favorable to you or not, and what realistic avenues you have to moving your case forward. He doesn't waste time pulling maneuvers for show, but works for effect. He knows when it is right to negotiate and when it is right to take a matter to trial (and is not afraid of litigation or trial). When people ask me for the name of a good attorney for custody, divorce, or other family-law matter, I have regularly given friends and family the name of Donald Bebereia. I can recommend him wholeheartedly as a high-quality advocate who saves people money because he knows what really matters in a case and focuses on that.

J. P.

Irvine, CA